Gretchen is the proud owner of Gretchen's Size Inclusive Boutique. She started as a pop up boutique for two years before finding retail space and opening a brick-and-mortar in June of 2018, as Shop Nyna(her moms name).  After 4 years as a store front, she rebranded to become Gretchen's Size Inclusive boutique, it was a more suitable name that allowed women to know exactly what we are.  Gretchen has a love for fashion and people.  Helping people find clothing that is not only fashionable, comfortable and bring join is her passion!!  She has personally been everything from a size 8 to 20 and has struggled to find the right thing to wear that not only fits, but is comfortable and fashionable.  She finds joy in helping others love their shapes, feel confident and a style that makes you excited to get dressed.  At Gretchen's, we want you to find a something that not only makes you feel beautiful but something you can comfortably live in.  At Gretchen's we want you to feel at home, like part of the family, we strive to support other small businesses and find joy in helping you find the clothing to do life in comfortable and with out thought! We don't want to be the junk in the back of your closet, we want to be the thinks that you can't wait to get out of the laundry.
I'm a nicer person when I like my outfit!!